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We offer highly effective Front Running Bot – MEV BOT to our users! Many traders are realizing that basic trading is no longer profitable due to new MEV Bot ( front running bot strategies ) that give users an advantage over traditional traders. These bots can execute trades faster and more efficiently than humans, making it difficult for traditional traders to compete.

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MEV BOT V6.0.1 : DexTools.io & Metamask Proof! + Profit

MEV Bot Introduction

Overview: Our MEV Bot is a software designed to make profits by using a strategy called the “sandwich attack.” This involves strategically front running and back running a significant transaction to take advantage of price changes.


How We Built the Bot:


• User Interface: The bot has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to interact with it.


• Complex Background: Behind the scenes, it’s powered by sophisticated algorithms and a Solidity contract.


• Multiple Components:


 1- MEV Solidity Contract: This is the backbone of the bot, handling the execution of the sandwich attack strategy.


2- Algorithms: Complex algorithms are in place to analyze the market and make strategic decisions.


3- Continued Development: We’re continually working on enhancing and optimizing different parts of the bot for better performance.


How It Works:


  •                  •  Sandwich Attack Strategy: The bot strategically executes front and back runs on a targeted transaction to profit from resulting price changes.

  •                  • Front Running: Anticipates a significant transaction and places a buy order beforehand to benefit from a subsequent price increase.

  •                  •  Back Running: Swiftly executes a sell order after the target transaction to capitalize on the resulting price movement, completing the sandwich attack.

  •                  • Mempool Analysis: Monitors the mempool for pending transactions, ensuring timely execution of front and back runs.

  •                  •  Node Access for Mempool Monitoring: Relies on nodes to directly access the mempool, allowing the bot to track pending transactions and identify significant ones to target.


  •                  • Gas Fee Calculation: Calculates optimal gas fees for transactions, optimizing cost-effectiveness while ensuring timely execution.

  •                  • Profit Generation: Derives profits from exploiting price fluctuations caused by the targeted transaction .

  •                  • Algorithmic Intelligence: Utilizes intricate algorithms to analyze market conditions, mempool data, and gas fees, making informed trading decisions.

    •                  • Adaptive Optimization: Regularly optimizes strategies and algorithms to adapt to dynamic market conditions and evolving trading landscapes.

    •                  • Strategic Decision-Making: Combines algorithmic intelligence with real-time market analysis and blockchain data for informed and strategic trading decisions.

    •                  • Risk Mitigation: Implements built-in risk management features to mitigate potential losses, including considerations for gas fee volatility.

Guaranteed Profit Rates for 24 Hours of Running the Bot
Balance Setting Basic Pro Max
0.1 〜 1 ETH                       High                         11% 〜 15%                        40% 〜 60%                        70% 〜 110%                        
> 1 ETH High - 55% 〜 80% 80% 〜 130%
> 10 ETH High - - 85% 〜 160%
"High Bot setting" means that the performance and gas fees are set to high levels, and all available balance is being used, which is 100%.
*These percentages represent the minimum profit rates you will receive when running the bot for 24 hours. If you achieve rates lower than these, you have the right to request a refund within 14 days.
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