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Our Liquidity Sniper bot is an automated bot that is built to monitor and trade liquidity pairs on decentralized exchanges (DEXes) .

The bot works by connecting to the blockchain network, scanning for all mempool/pending transactions, finding and matching the liquidity add transaction of the sniped token, and then placing the buy order in the same block .

The profit made using a sniper bot depends on how much tokens you set up your snipe bot to buy when the liquidity is added .

 The key strategy of a sniper bot is to be the first to buy tokens when the liquidity pool is added to the decentralized exchange.

This allows traders to buy tokens as soon as they’re listed on an exchange at lightning-fast speed, sometimes up to zero seconds from the time of listing.

Sniper bots can be used to acquire assets in the same second they hit the market, and they scan the blockchain and identify transactions to do with the creation of liquidity pools

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