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Our front-running bot works by scanning pending transactions and paying a higher gas fee so that miners process its transaction first to front-run a major trade that will affect market pricing. The bot then submits a sell order right after it to sandwich it and profit from the price movement caused by the targeted transactions.

The sandwich attack works by placing a buy order before a large buy order and a sell order right after it. This way, the targeted transaction becomes sandwiched between the buy and sell orders.

The profit depends on your balance. For example, if a large buy transaction increases the token value by 5% and you front-run it with 1 ETH, you will gain a profit of approximately 5%. So, your total profit will be 0.05 ETH. However, if you front-run it with only 0.1 ETH, you will only gain a profit of 0.005 ETH .

The bot is an interface for the MEV contract deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, so there is no need to connect any wallet with the bot because the contract is already deployed . You just need to provide the public wallet address where the MEV contract will send the profit

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